Rockaway Beach, New York

New vegetation has been planted on the newly created dunes as a response to Hurricane Sandy.  Much of the sand that was here was moved onto the streets of Rockaway during the storm.  New dunes were piled up to create a barrier for the next 100 year storm, which will probably be here in a few years.

Susan grew up a block from this beach.  We get her back here a couple of times a year to rejuvenate.  It’s after Memorial Day (the official start of summer) but, the season hasn’t really started yet so we had the beach almost to ourselves (except for a few lifeguards and some other souls who don’t mind the less than 80 degree beach days).   75 degree air temp with a slight breeze.  This is perfect.

On the other side of the peninsula, a ferry to the city has just started.  For $2.75 you can board the ferry every hour (on the half hour) and ride all the way to Pier 11 at Wall Street (less than an hour–much faster than the subway).  We caught the boat returning from Manhattan with the rush hour crowd, and it was full.  A great asset for Rockaway.

Below, we’re at the western end with Riis Park in the background.A nice little walk that added significant steps to my Fitbit.  Of course there are other ways to look at a beach.  For instance, here’s what you see if you look down…And, here’s what you see if you look up…

But, we keep on walking, right at the edge of the land.  What a wonderful day….