Road Trip – Day 29 – Salmon Arm, BC, Canada

On day 29, we loaded the car and drove toward Canada, again. This time we took a (relative) back road. It passed through several small Washington towns, which was nice. So many of the towns around the US have a similar feel to them, even while imparting their own version of an American small town.

This time we didn’t make it through the border unscathed–we had to give up our apples to the Canadian Border Guards. But they let us in. Then we had a smooth drive, on the TransCanada Highway 1–which we would on for the next week or so–to the tiny hamlet of Salmon Arm. Our hotel was located on the shore of the Shuswap Lake. Susan and I spent the evening eating supper on our balcony and looking at the stars. It shouldn’t, but it amazes me how high in the sky Polaris, the North Star, is at these higher latitudes. The Netherlands is even higher, so you’d think I would be used to it.