Oh, to look so young again!

Other Stuff

In addition to traveling, we both have many interests... for instance check out our personal websites at:

Fred the writer: fredrexroad.com

Susan the artist: susanrexroad.com

Other websites of ours you may find interesting are:

Whiz Tanner, my children's series' web presence

Tanner-Dent Detective Agency, Whiz and Joey's agency website

Awesome Quest Mysteries, my publishing house imprint

Our Approach

By car, train, plane, and especially on foot, we intend to travel around the country and, when we can manage it, around the world.

Our Story

We are fascinated with adventure and love to explore the great outdoors; mountains, rivers, woods, towns, cities, oceans.  And, we also love the great indoors; museums, galleries, dining rooms of friends.  Our plan is to see as much of both as we can.  We'll document in words and pictures what we do experience.