Road Trip 2019 – Day 1 – Howe, IN

We said goodbye to our son and handed him the keys to my car. Susan and I jumped into her car, which we mostly packed the night before, and started on our journey.

This day was just an attempt to chip away at the distance between the coasts. We made a 550 mile trip with almost no events of interest. I did lose $1.25 at the Pennsylvania Welcome Center. I bought (I thought) a cup of coffee from a vending machine. I pressed the buttons to request coffee with cream. What I got was hot water with cream.

The only other excitement was when we hit a few miles of rain—some quite hard—but it was soon over. I did notice as we passed the Lordstown General Motors Plant, there was only two vehicles in the giant parking lot—this lot could hold thousands of cars.

The day ended in Howe, Indiana. Howe is a small town (population below 1000) in northern Indiana (about 2 miles south of the Michigan border). It apparently has at least five buildings on the National Historical List. But we stayed near the Interstate at our hotel so we didn’t drive into town. But as I mentioned, today was just a traveling day. Everything we passed were places we’ve been to, or passed, many times.

Tomorrow we start new adventures–and hopefully some pictures.