Road Trip 2019 – Day 0 – Home

The day before our big trip was filled with all the last minute packing. We loaded the car with everything we thought we would need for the long drive.

Our itinerary will take us quickly to Wisconsin after an overnight stop in Indiana. From there we will follow the upper tier states over to Puget Sound. We’ll spend a week jumping from small town to small town and island to island ending on Vancouver Island. Next, we’ll cross from Vancouver Island to Vancouver (the city). A week later, we’ll drop back into the US for a few days in Bellingham Washington.

After a few days getting used to the US again, we’ll head back into Canada for our drive east. On our way we’ll see Banff National Park as well as some of the biggest cities in the Canadian West.

One task I gave myself was to scatter copies of my Whiz Tanner books ( along the way. Susan and I stay at a lot of AirBnBs as we travel and I often leave a signed book behind. Sometimes I get nice e-mails from the hosts commenting on the books.

My intent is to document each location on this blog. We’ll see how well I keep that going……