Road Trip – Day 8 – Moses Lake, WA

Before leaving our temporary home in Kalispell, we roamed around the farm. Of course, we walked through the chicken coop and said hello to the ladies (and gentleman) responsible for the morning eggs. Meredith and Seth, our hosts, had a nice setup here in the north of Montana. We got to feed the goats and play with the dogs. It was a great taste of country life.

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Well, we got on the road again. This time to head to Washington state. On our way out, I had to get my coffee, and what better place than Montana. It’s full of coffee lovers. These roadside coffee shops are ubiquitous. It was explained to us that in the winter, it’s just too cold to get out of your car (or truck) to run into the shop for your morning cup. So, these little self-contained coffee shops have popped up everywhere.

The road to Washington goes through Idaho. When we crossed the border, I officially raised my US state total to 48. I still need to visit Alaska and Nebraska. Like every other state we passed through, Idaho had some amazing sights along the route. We stuck to Interstate all the way through, but did stop in Coeur d’Alene. The guide book routed us downtown to Tubbs Hill park. We happened to arrive on July 4th, so there was a giant celebrations starting. By mid-afternoon, people were staking out spots to watch the fireworks. We walked a little way along the dirt paths above the lake and town–took some pictures–and then wandered out on the World’s Longest Floating Boardwalk.

This moose was too cute to leave unphotographed. So, we took a picture or two and then headed out of Coeur d’Alene, ID. Shortly afterward we left Idaho.

Eventually we made it to our next stop–Moses Lake, WA. Our hotel was right on the lake so we thought we would get a great view of the 4th of July fireworks. However … the community of Moses Lake wasn’t going to shoot off their fireworks until the weekend. But not to fear, the home owners around the lake had their own celebration going. We saw some amazing displays of private fireworks around the whole lake.