Days 6 through 27

After returning home from a nearly monthlong driving trip to the wonderful west, I began documenting the adventure on this blog. The problem was I also began the busiest year of my life, including the birth of my first grandkids–triplets!

Health problems covering many individuals in three states kept us quite busy in traveling, caretaking, comforting, and other things. I always intended to return to the trip and complete the remaining days which were amazing. As summarized in the first post, we had some interesting encounters along the way. But after nearly a year and a half of procrastination, I’ve realized that not finishing this trip documentary, was preventing me from adding other interesting travels.

So … I have decided to not add to this trip (at this time). However, here is a synopsis of days 6 through 27. I will fill in more as I get the time and gumption.

Day 6-8: Santa Fe, NM

In the morning, Susan attended a yoga class while I did a little exploring of the Taos area. Later we visited the Taos Pueblo and got a good history of the region from several locals. We also met a group of travelers who Susan met earlier at yoga. From there, we headed to the Rio Grande River to see the famous bridge over the gorge. It was awesome. After leaving the bridge, the Garmin GPS pulled a joke on us.

We were heading down-state to Santa Fe. Rather than take us back to the main road and back through Taos, it calculated a much shorter path on some smaller roads. Everything was fine for a few miles. Then we started down into the gorge to cross the river. The road got smaller. Then the asphalt became dirt. Then it got steep with very tight switchback turns. Susan became worried about her car (not for the only time this trip). Eventually we made it safely to the river. On the far side, the road was still small, but paved. It followed the river past camping spots and boat launch ramps. Eventually we hit a main road and tootled along toward Santa Fe without further adventure. (This wasn’t the most harrowing portion of our drive—re: Mississippi).

We arrived late in the evening and had to find our Airbnb up some dirt roads on the side of a mountain. We found it with the help of our hosts’ directions (GPS was a bit off on this one). The view over the town was breathtaking, both at night and during the day.

Some of the exciting things we saw or did include a trip to Ghost Ranch, Georgia O’Keeffe’s home and workplace, her gallery in town, and the Purple Adobe Lavender Farm.

Day 9: Albuquerque, NM

We woke to a sky full of balloons. The International Balloon Festival was underway. At night we saw the colorful balloons lit from inside by their burnings blasting away. Then we hit the Interstate again after many days traveling more scenic roadways.

Day 10: Grand Canyon, AZ

What can I say? The view was just as everyone else who’s written about it describes. We got up early to catch the sunrise—it was amazing, and cold.

Day 11-12: Williams, AZ

Day 13-15: East Zion, UT

Day 16-17: Tucson, AZ

I had a cousin who moved here many years ago. I actually wished he would quit talking about how great it was. Now I understand.

Day 18: Las Cruces, NM

Day 19: Ft Worth, TX

Day 20: San Antonio

I had many work trip to San Antonio and loved it. We stayed a block from the River Walk and had a wonderful time.

Day 21-22: New Orleans, LA

Day 23: Atlanta, GA

Day 24-25: Asheville, NC

Day 26: Home

Let the adventures continue……….