Brookside Garden, Montgomery County, MD

 Our first foray into adventure, since starting this blog, was to a fairly local county park in the next state–about a forty minute drive.  We braved the DC beltway at lunchtime, crossing one of the notoriously congested bridges into Maryland.  The traffic got worse until we were able to exit at Georgia Avenue and headed north, away from the city, but not away from the congestion.  In just a few minutes we left civilization behind and drove over the rumbling cattle guard (I guess it’s to keep deer out, since there are no cows around) and into the solitude of Brookside Gardens.

Fifty acres of amazing gardens inside the Wheaton Regional Park in Maryland. In the same spirit as the big mansions such as the DuPont Mansions (Winterthur and Nemours) only without the big houses and unlimited money.  And it’s free—thanks Montgomery County, Maryland.

Susan and I spent the afternoon of our 26th anniversary walking around this beautiful park.  We also watched, from a distance, another lucky couple getting married on our special day.  We only saw a portion of the park, so we must go back soon.

Near closing time we headed out, once again braving the DC Beltway–this time during rush hour, so it took a bit longer to get home.